Saturday, December 13, 2008

The World Beyond Our Regular Consciousness And Restricted Mind (Part Two)

I believe there is a deeper subconscious realm that is an integral world beyond what most people have seen and can even comprehend. In-between there are places (as there are layers of realms) of deep emotions, of emotional freedom of both pain and love, there are places we are exposed of our true self, our true natural state of being and behaving.

The only means for redemption may very well be self-inquiry through meditation directed toward our subconsciousness.

Even that is not enough to enter the dreamy haven of the true unseen world beyond! For there are still other lesser realms to distract you from the true purpose. Although fine realms, not the true haven beyond our limited mind. We are often tempted to stay there in moderate welfare and being.. of moderate pleasure. But it is not the place of unity of souls, it is in fact quite far from the absolute.

There are both dreamy, ethereal and tranquil havens, but when we finally wake up we forget our true nature and are restricted by the consciousness of the ego that spins false stories upon false notions of an impermanent reality of limited perception.

Other than meditation in waking life we find deeper places in our rest, ofcourse, we rarely remember anything of how it was like, no matter how good it was, even if our soul was indulged in unlimited pleasure! We can not go there.. not before we have purified ourselves through toning and cleansing our body and mind, not until we have resolved our knots (granthis) that block the subtle energy channels (nadis). When we are ready, we will be led, all will be effortless. You will be led toward the absolute.

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