Thursday, December 25, 2008

YouTube Comments And General Randomness

"Nn-yess. The subtle pre-meditated innocence containing of random cleavage and general 'fan service', and the humorous laid back slapstick used to cover it all up makes for a good video release. Why not go for the higher ups of 'viewed' by dressing up as a Japanese school-girl in it's proper outfit? I certainly know I would comment. *warm smile* With the apparent sudden and random need to utilise my infamous one-handed writing skills. *whole face morphs into that of the cheesy one, looking half greedy, half perverted*"


"There is always someone more miserable than you that wants you to share in their pain."


"A bit of wisdom there, for one so young it is quite fascinating to hear, what you say, how easily you can make choices and find healthier living. Eating several times per day makes your digestive system busy and it can actually be demanding on the body, so eating less, slowing down the mind, living, experiencing, simple living, that's natural living. It's a more stable kind of living. More stable state of mind. It's the place you should be in if you want to feel as if you're actually living. I know it's harsh. We, as one, need a wake up call though. We're far off in materialistic idiocy, waste of time and human life.. That's my two cents."

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