Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lost, Feeling Fully Detached.

another day of feeling lost and detached from my body/mind, to a degree of feeling total detachment. it is like an old nightmare is coming back. it is hard to cope these days, especially today. if this keeps up i'll feel i'll not make it. better i skip work so as to be able to catch up on myself, sort to speak. i feel i'm fighting for my life here. on a daily basis, just to not fall too deep in the water.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Special Grace.

all i want is to retreat back into bed,
staying there with all my demons,
to be able to suffer in contempt,
and allow everything to come up,
i am in such a sensitive state,
if any one should intrude on me,
i might become hostile,
just leave me the heck alone,

here comes another dark night,
until dusk i stay -
awake -
my faith -
i'm losing it -
my mind -
seems too far out there,
to ever be able to,
descend back into place,

my senses so..
how can this mess,
of shattered glass,
ever be glued back,

how can i ever be a sturdy mind,
after years of inner turmoil and ramble,
..when i have lost that special grace,
that gave me faith in the first place

The Fosse.

Just because one has the force doesn't necessarily mean one is supposed to use it. It is like holding in a big dry fart.. if you hold it in too long it begins to grow in your bowel, like a tree, and then the fart becomes a big 'un.

Social Worker, Treason Into 'Their' Field Of Study, Value-Pack.

I am not a social worker by profession, but I sorta, 'accidentally', dabble into it because people have a tendency to keep me occupied in their conversational needs. There should be no treason for me to enter 'their' field of study when I have proven to be more than qualified utilizing my own competent applications in a humble intent of giving a therapeutical value-pack.

At the very least, it seems to make people nay slightly less than content. Is fab, isn't it?