Thursday, April 24, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

How To Change Tires On A Car.

Left front tire -- left back tire -- right back tire -- right front tire rotation.
Socket the right sized pipe into the extension arm and loosen the nuts -- once loosened use a jack to find the point beneath the car where you see a bulge and a half circled hole on the left front beneath the car. Elevate the car so that the tire is a couple of inches off the ground point. Now you can screw the nuts off of the tire -- push the tire slight while holding it in place while the last nut is screwed off so that the tire does not fall off abruptly for safety protocol. Find the tire in the back of the car which is marked LF (left-front). Place the tire onto the left-front and simply screw the nuts to a fastening point. Elevate car down and use the pipe with the extension arm to continue screwing the nuts -- screw in a star patterned way, and then check the nuts, to see if they are tightened enough with the extension arm.
The same applies for the other tires, with the exception that if the handbrake is on you can continue fastening and tighten the screws while the car is elevated. (It applies for the back tires).

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Time Passed Me By, Seed Sown, Blossomed, Climbing vine-flower.

the time passed me by, and i am here a witness to that occurrence, a plant has been sown a long time ago -- a time before, that i know none of -- before time had passed me by, that i forgot to follow through, and the seed has long since blossomed into a flower of sorts -- a type of climbing vine-flower, that had a set place, but never a goal, neither a purpose necessarily, to exist, and the continuing growth that sides me from an everyday life, and that is perhaps a good thing -- anyhow -- good or bad, right or wrong, safe or endangered, robust or fragile.. what is; is what is what, and nothing is necessarily that which is what; which is what which is, and so on it goes into the eternity of again, something, and that is the style and fashion of this adventure, and the never-endingness of the never so everything, and that is fork

Not Actual Limerence.

i see you,
your presence is near,
not so near as i wished sometimes,
but near enough,
to intoxicate me,
like i drank a little sangria,

that feeling is the best,
even if your presence is in the far west,
i have this feeling in my chest,
your spirit is in communion with me,
it is you i see,

Thursday, December 22, 2011


When the cns is hyperactivated it creates such a neurological stress upon the body and mental resources that it is profoundly difficult to live a normal life, in fact it would be more fatal in terms of consequential thinking to not use some 'helpers', i know it can be more debilitating than a severely mentally ill patient, because it is tricky to diagnose properly, and may even be more difficult to medicate since no medical practitioner have any experience nor knowledge in this field of mystical states. It can be dangerous to go through the process alone without the sufficient tools of the trade, leading to suicidal ideation or actual suicide.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Worry, worry, and -- worry.

headache, head pressure,
psychomotory agitation,
just waiting for it to wear off,
hopefully it will last only for a few more days,
i can only hope to get relief,
it has only been an interference to my k process,
hope it wears off,
it can't stay in my body forever,

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sleep Deprivation, Increased Fear, Impending Doom, Energy Rocketing.

sleep deprivation,
increased fear,
increased dread,
feelings of impending doom,
less stability,
energy rocketing,