Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Long Journey Traveler.

an old journey,
long journey traveler,
back in town,
on a short visit,
into the pulsating town-life,
he strays from one place to the other,
he is not of this world,
doesn't fit in,
with the others,
he's a traveler,
of the lonesome road,
to nowhere

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brooding Rage.

i feel sick
i am suffering
i am not satisfied
and i have this brooding rage
i just want to smash something
so that i can say
that was my doing
the day of my terrible rage

i hate this living
i am sick
and tired of this shit
just want to not exist

this process i go through
that i am told
i need to shut up about
and suppress
is penetrating my daily life
and i am screaming and sobbing through the day
like the screeching on stressed railroads

this day is just another traumatic day
in my life of endless nightmares
untold suffering

Monday, March 14, 2011

The One Who Pays The Toll, Choose To Dwell In The Shadow.

the nightmare revisited,
the inevitability of occasional insanity,
the inevitable journey i must undertake,
through psychological upheaval,
throughout the tunnel,
i come out,
on the other side,
into the mystical realm,
higher up,
i am going,
this eve,

'tis the will of something,
greater than my self,
my sanity at least,
for that reason i choose
to suffer silently,
to release myself from earth-felt ground,
to go into beta-testing,

the grim reaper,
claims a certain fee,
and the one who pays the toll,
and choose to dwell in the shadow dusk,
even on the brightest day,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cogito Ergo Sum, Without A Firm Grip, To The Caduceus Staff.

cogito ergo sum,
on a stick,
the dough is sour,
the plane lifts off, into cosmos - and beyond,
my mind expanding,
that aerie feel,
standing on a grand balcony,
what view
i dare say,
..but i dare not think,
when speared,
by the mystical caduceus staff

i die into oblivion,
somehow still blinking,
wonder and awe, every time,

i do not cease to exist,
still blinking,
and the afternoon became a dark night,
in the empty pool,

'tis just another limbo,
wonder and awe,
and dread,

why can't i use the staff,
as a walking stave,
without a firm grip, i can never be steady
while in the abyss

no matter how many a times,
i swirl into dimensional timelessness,
always a waking nightmare,

'tis dangerous to walk on unsteady ground,
on quicksand and mound
without a firm grip,
around the caduceus staff,
but i do not own it,
somehow it owns me,
in a sense that i have to surrender my consciouness,
to ride through the otherwise forbidden gate,
on the stormy waves,
in search of the hidden