Thursday, October 11, 2007

The God-Tome Of Remur (Part Two)

None but the overlord were acquainted with the one true wizard above in the highest level of the tower, overseeing the asylum and it's courtyards on a kingly chair. His presence unknown to all but the overlord, his lordship's personal assistant and ultimately a taskmaster to those duties dire enough to reach his attention. He was also the keeper of scholarly assignments and projects to all the other understudies. Below in rank were the seven master-rank magicians of the circle, who responsibly lectured the senior-magicians into the long road of mastership. The senior-ranks again lectured the newly accepted apprentices making sure they were knee-deep into the vast pensum of bookly lore and alchemical practices.

The God-Tome Of Remur (Part One)

Once every twentieth year the high-philosopher's society of Salanom - the capital of the Salanomian empire of the southernmost continent of the land Ebb - turned the monumentally large page of the ancient tome that was once a most precious diary of an avatar of godhood, called Remur.

Again, it was time to declare a change of tides with a simple turn of the page of wizened philosophical wisdom for the inhabitants to abide by in a new era of outcome - the seemingly simple ceremonial task of turning a monumental page. By past experience of years through recorded tides of mankind it was almost expected that people would indefinitely presume the godly page of Remur to form a new era into the yet unknown in terms of wondrously brilliant thinking, becoming new-age principles. The ceremony took place in the grand courtyard of highened philosophical discussion, guarded by magically blocking energy. Only the wisest of the wise-men of master-degree were admitted entry. Ironically, they were the only few competent enough to disarm the magical blocking-mechanism surrounding the courtyard, so it would seem obvious why they unquestionably would claim the owning of the prestigiously grand ceremony. This had proved to strengthen the commoner's growing faith in arcane schooling, therefore a commonly used argument to that of the wise-men, justifying their agenda, which only the chosen ones knew about. The ruling and protection- and owning of the god-tome, and the continuation of hierarchy.
Failure of withholding secrecy had penalty in torturous death. So was the way of the wizard's life, a secretive, perhaps feared one.