Thursday, July 28, 2011

Consciousness Death And Misdiagnosed Insanity.

Cult of Death is the thought that life is an illusion and there is a way to escape from it, through conscious death, meaning to die consciously without dying. There are ways to temporarily experience higher states of consciousness through the use of psychedelic drugs, thought there is a chance it will permanently open the doors to the mystical.. The kundalini awakening process is what all yoga aim for, and what some psyche-nauts also aim for, the end goal. The final goal that opens up another world. In some cases a person undergoing the remarkable transformation known as kundalini awakening process might have been rendered psychotically ill. A sorry case to be misunderstood by society. In actuality the world is not yet ready to accept kundalini awakening as an 'acceptable mystical phenomenon'. In fact all these mystical, or spiritual experiences may highly likely be interconnected but misunderstood, and has become a key-word for insanity, such as bipolar 1 disorder, schizophrenia, and various psychotic disorders. It is easy then to understand why psychiatrists and doctors misdiagnose people, the spiritual awakening and psychological upheaval becoming a mania to that one of the bipolar.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Energy Of Awakening - Part 1 Of 3.

human beings carry within them an amazing secret. . . a secret so profound and buried so deep even they have forgotten it. The potential implicit in the recovery of this secret involves access to resources, powers and abilities of such magnitude as to cause an amazing evolutionary process in which the human being transforms and evolves into a condition wherein one is capable of direct, conscious union with the incomprehensible mystery known as the self.

this process functions along forces and influences of natural law. It is most effective in the arena of transformation, and generates the evolution of identity which must occur for the individual consciousness to expand to the level of awareness known as universal.

it is the awakening of kundalini, the power reflex of time, the primal force of creation and transformation that initiates this process.

Remembrance Of That.

remembrance of 'that'
seemed like an eternity past
that aztec sun
burned solid

the thunderous wind
disciplining and stirring great ocean
the words incoherent
mind and body in a beyond crisis
nervous system overdrive
what i got

a sacred 'would-be' experience
hadn't it been a psychedelic nightmare
for a 'wet-behind-the-ears'
unable to vocalize the miraculously rare soul language
memories is then
all i've got

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Snippet Of P.G.Krishna

"Comparing my later stable mental condition with what it had been in the initial stages, after the crisis, the realization came to me that I had escaped the clutches of insanity by the narrowest margin, and that I owed my deliverance not to any effort of mine, but to the benign disposition of the energy itself. In the primary stages, particularly before the crisis, for certain very cogent reasons the vital current appeared to be acting erratically and blindly like swollen water of a flooded stream which, pouring out through a breach in the embankment, rushes madly here and there trying to scour out a new channel for its passage. Years later I had an inkling of what had actually happened and could guess at the marvel lying hidden in the human body, unsuspected, waiting for the needed invocation from the owner and a favorable opportunity to leap to action, when, ploughing its way through the flesh like the diverted stream in flood, it creates new channels in the nervous system and the brain to endow the fortunate individual with unbelievable mental and spiritual powers."