Monday, July 18, 2011

A Snippet Of P.G.Krishna

"Comparing my later stable mental condition with what it had been in the initial stages, after the crisis, the realization came to me that I had escaped the clutches of insanity by the narrowest margin, and that I owed my deliverance not to any effort of mine, but to the benign disposition of the energy itself. In the primary stages, particularly before the crisis, for certain very cogent reasons the vital current appeared to be acting erratically and blindly like swollen water of a flooded stream which, pouring out through a breach in the embankment, rushes madly here and there trying to scour out a new channel for its passage. Years later I had an inkling of what had actually happened and could guess at the marvel lying hidden in the human body, unsuspected, waiting for the needed invocation from the owner and a favorable opportunity to leap to action, when, ploughing its way through the flesh like the diverted stream in flood, it creates new channels in the nervous system and the brain to endow the fortunate individual with unbelievable mental and spiritual powers."

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