Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Time Passed Me By, Seed Sown, Blossomed, Climbing vine-flower.

the time passed me by, and i am here a witness to that occurrence, a plant has been sown a long time ago -- a time before, that i know none of -- before time had passed me by, that i forgot to follow through, and the seed has long since blossomed into a flower of sorts -- a type of climbing vine-flower, that had a set place, but never a goal, neither a purpose necessarily, to exist, and the continuing growth that sides me from an everyday life, and that is perhaps a good thing -- anyhow -- good or bad, right or wrong, safe or endangered, robust or fragile.. what is; is what is what, and nothing is necessarily that which is what; which is what which is, and so on it goes into the eternity of again, something, and that is the style and fashion of this adventure, and the never-endingness of the never so everything, and that is fork

Not Actual Limerence.

i see you,
your presence is near,
not so near as i wished sometimes,
but near enough,
to intoxicate me,
like i drank a little sangria,

that feeling is the best,
even if your presence is in the far west,
i have this feeling in my chest,
your spirit is in communion with me,
it is you i see,