Friday, April 11, 2014

How To Change Tires On A Car.

Left front tire -- left back tire -- right back tire -- right front tire rotation.
Socket the right sized pipe into the extension arm and loosen the nuts -- once loosened use a jack to find the point beneath the car where you see a bulge and a half circled hole on the left front beneath the car. Elevate the car so that the tire is a couple of inches off the ground point. Now you can screw the nuts off of the tire -- push the tire slight while holding it in place while the last nut is screwed off so that the tire does not fall off abruptly for safety protocol. Find the tire in the back of the car which is marked LF (left-front). Place the tire onto the left-front and simply screw the nuts to a fastening point. Elevate car down and use the pipe with the extension arm to continue screwing the nuts -- screw in a star patterned way, and then check the nuts, to see if they are tightened enough with the extension arm.
The same applies for the other tires, with the exception that if the handbrake is on you can continue fastening and tighten the screws while the car is elevated. (It applies for the back tires).

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