Saturday, October 23, 2010

Special Grace.

all i want is to retreat back into bed,
staying there with all my demons,
to be able to suffer in contempt,
and allow everything to come up,
i am in such a sensitive state,
if any one should intrude on me,
i might become hostile,
just leave me the heck alone,

here comes another dark night,
until dusk i stay -
awake -
my faith -
i'm losing it -
my mind -
seems too far out there,
to ever be able to,
descend back into place,

my senses so..
how can this mess,
of shattered glass,
ever be glued back,

how can i ever be a sturdy mind,
after years of inner turmoil and ramble,
..when i have lost that special grace,
that gave me faith in the first place

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