Saturday, December 20, 2008

Comment On How To Benefit From The Spritual Intellect By Knowing The Basics

J. I am simply too tired to explain any more at this current time. (I'm going to take a resty rest). But what you can do is search/look up;


and hopefully you'll be able to find your way there, just taking a quick overview, there will be many answers there for you to learn if you are open to it's knowledge.

Or I could try a real short one.


You know when you read a book..? Suddenly you arrest yourself of being very in-the-moment because maybe your ego came in-between and pulled you off the sentence of a longer context, and you have to read that whole large column of text again in order to understand the whole meaning of what you were about to understand. Right? Well, if your ego didn't come up at any time reading the book you would just be concentrating effortlessly, enjoying and getting to understand the larger context of the text on each page.


..That's a synchronising pattern, if you can do that, then the longer you can keep your mind fixed onto the original focal point, or shall we say, the task at hand, and that will in itself enable you to enter deeper, creating the longer and stronger patterns that narrows as you develop it (the pattern).

---Note; it's really the most difficult in the beginning, when your mind has yet to understand silence - and conjure up ideas and notions based on impatience caused by lack of discipline.---

--Noteworthy also; if you expect anything you might fail miserably, or you could be 'lucky'.--

-Sometimes reading about the more common spiritual scriptures can enable you to develop a spiritual non-egotistic intellect, and you'll have advantages, compared to before reading it, because you then have a certain spiritually adapted moral norm or approach that in itself is a beneficial tool of great knowledge for means of going directly inside, in the right manner for self-inquiry, in order to pass the guarded bridge, without having to swim the cold river, like I had to do (lol). Aka. the common mistakes that the noob usually makes.-

Best regards,
and good luck seeking and finding, for what you truly seek, you shall definitely find,

seeker Espen.

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