Sunday, December 14, 2008

Over-Active Upper Energy Type In My Ajna Center And Sahasrara Center?

Ok, so according to various resources and forum talks I have an over active mental energy. Both my Ajna Chakra and Sahasrara Chakra are in great activity. (My amount of daily mental tasks and processes would explain that, I guess.) My active Sahasrara Chakra helped open my Ajna Chakra and they are both over-active now. That would explain my ache/headache and moderately pulling sensation becoming quite unpleasant at times. It's completely random, I have no control of it. According to the 'resources', I will have to endure it and for a very long time it seems, as I have opened certain recent pathways from Chakra centers which again open up new pathways for energic streams to surge through, which may be accompanied by pricking, stinging, cold, heat etc. type of sensations and notions. Nothing 'too' new I hope.

In a sense I suppose it is time for my ego to grow a bit then, since with all my new psychic abilities and all should allow me to feel omni-potent to a minor degree. It's interesting though, anyhow, since those Chakras are the most difficult to open and awaken. I'm guessing the others are already opened, except not my heart area very much. I'm not feeling very emotional of days. I'm more of a mental machine, thinking and having vivid experiences. Things have indeed gotten interesting since just a short while of a couple of months back, when I was less omni-potent.

Reminds me of my thoughts about the ego in the expanded level. As in the good healthy, developed ego. That of letting the ego mature into super-ego for means of acquiring rightful knowledge. That of taking pride in consuming knowledge and have good reason to be confident in your current interpretation and understanding of texts, and your little world. In fact, you'll even put pride in you own posture whilst reading. I guess what I'm trying to say is, just see yourself as a source that can obtain serious achievement through confidence and determination. On the contrary, the narrow-minded ego, the ego of selfishness and grandiosity is not necessarily a good placement at all when learning, neither when you're reading. It is more of the subtle super-ego I'm talking about, the ego in it's expanded sense, the 'above' ego called super-ego, that is becoming aware of how your own narrow type of ego can suppress your own ability to learn, communicate in a realistic, normative manner in order to understand some what is more important than yourself in a bigger scale kinda way. To play within the circle of society's norm, as not not become marked, frozen out, or even stigmatised by the players of the society's super-ego norm.

I do believe it's necessary to play these roles sometimes, because we are limited beings with limited understanding. We cannot understand every human being, that would be far too much to understand anyhow. So we invent and adapt to a larger scale of psychodrama that makes it easier to have a common connection and understanding as a whole.

Hopefully you'll not misunderstand super-ego as to something negative. Or even ego for that matter. Just the word in itself has the tendency to conjure up negative associations in some people's minds..

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