Sunday, December 14, 2008

Concentration, On Fixed Gaze, Trance, And Atomic Plane Discovery

The path to enlightenment and the higher states of consciousness is actually the kind of fixed concentration that should be or become effortless after a while. After creating a synchronising pattern, you are fixing your mind on one-pointedness. That is actually the only means for entering trance-states as far as I've experienced.

Gazing for example can get you quickly into a state of blankness, there'd be negative image perception after a while, soon come ripples, the ripples become larger and move around.

This is the trance I'm talking about, it's done through fixed concentration on a certain point or object. You may also be able to enter into the layer above energy plane, called atom plane.

To know so you'd have to be able to see your own energy around you like particles, note, --oozing-- out of your limbs.

It's the highest consciousness and awareness I've been able to achieve so far, for the limited time of the intense meditation I had, which was quite mentally exhausting and I became weary. It was a discovery to find there was a level beyond energy plane to see for myself.

Rooms get a certain depth, it's far from empty, believe me, the atmosphere is there, some just don't see it before they start their meditative practices, etc.

I wonder if I'll be able to get atom level integrated into my near-future perceived reality. I've already gotten quite used to the energy plane integrated into physical plane, pranic auras are mostly viewable, but not the more subtle aura that goes way far out. I enjoy the thrill of just being around.. in various places. My life is gradually becoming more liquid-like, movements give fade-outs. Hopefully it's not a bad thing. Hopefully I'm not mad either.

I believe through concentration, eventually as it becomes of the effortless type, as it usually tends to become after the mind has been gagged, you'll be able to improve you awareness in a way that improves your ability to interact with the world around you. It works much like a temporary boost of consciousness. Concentration will eventually unfold to meditation, as long as you contain of and manage to maintain a one-pointedness. And that's when you will stop worrying about how often you should practice and be succumbed to practice in fascination of what strange, wondrous things shall happen to you over time..

(Your intuition may believe meditation is some sort of crack, which it is, to some extent, and you'll be pulled toward practising more and more, deeper and deeper. Going towards something.. You've yet to find out.)

HOWEVER: There is a thing to note here. Ahimsa (non-violence) toward how you treat yourself in all manner of approaches and walks. That includes treating yourself in a good way when you are experimenting with your own psyche in your discovery for your inner world. Also, I would say, never practice third eye meditation from a youtube video. I have done so and have often a moderate ache in my third eye area. It's like a pulling sensation and it can be quite dangerous for your psyche. I actually regret doing those practices since it often hurts when it's being active. It turns active at random times, I have little control of it. At first I thought it was a remarkable thing, but it is actually quite annoying. It's near painful at times. Besides guess how weird I feel. I dunno what the heck I've gotten into here, I'm actually a bit scared of my own mental health at this moment. So please take this as an advice, some meditation techniques and practices can and will be dangerous if not guided in a class by a good, experienced and qualified teacher!

(And yes, I'll be fine somehow. Cheers.)

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