Saturday, December 13, 2008

Short On Ego (Poem)

Ego becomes bigger, like a blossoming.
As it gets it's nurture from the glorious rays of the sun it dries a tad, over time.
And it becomes used to the warmth of the sun.
It doesn't need as much nurture any more.
It is sun-dried and matured.
It is content with the overall well-being of just being the manifestation of love.
It becomes a vehicle of love and goodness.
And then it dissolves gradually, the flower has matured fully and is withering.
The ego is becoming unnecessary, for there is great joy in being the everlasting vehicle of pure love, of good intent.

All is goodness, for all that exists.
All is love, for all that exists.
All is one, and of love.
The ego has completely dissolved.

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