Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dedication To The Long Road Of Breath Mastery - Devouring Slumber Begone! (Poem)

the second of three children
the gloomy one
but i can see things!
through the looking glass
i see the shadows of man and woman
and even as seemingly elusive as i am..
still the only one revealing their dusk
exposing it upon the world

i spin fairytales
layers upon layers
patterns upon patterns
like a web of insight
i feel withered as i grow now
i feel lighter, smaller, but somehow big too
soon i will be tiny, and after that perhaps vanish
becoming more earthbound than ever
isolated completely!
yet more attuned than ever
to the ethereal and the stars

but first i must disappear into myself
to appear before my self
the long dedicated journey to breath mastery
to become the wind
to achieve nothingness
to cease existence
to awaken - as the newborn child enters the world
awakened, and now, protected from the devouring slumber
that once had me fooled to think i was too lazy to live!

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