Saturday, December 13, 2008

The World Beyond Our Regular Consciousness And Restricted Mind (Part One)

My intuition have grasped onto occasional vivid glimpses from my slumbers in subconscious resting states. It conjures up things at random times whilst awake in my daily life when I am not distracted by the exterior, material realm. I realise that the perceived exterior realm is subjective in a sense that we can only see what we are. Some might consider pranayama meditation and bandha-exercise a self-empowering tool, in which we gradually discover what happens when the nervous system is strengthened for example, and the various effects pranayama can give. Random waves of heat, cold, electromagnetic sensations and what it's suspect notions in the body feels like.

Perhaps through discovering deep contemplative moments that sweep you away for only just a momentum.. you experience what it's like to be in mindlessness.. to just be the empty observer.. to be free for once..

Perhaps as you expand your consciousness, as you withdraw your senses inward, as you attune into the aspect of spiritual awareness you see things like familiar images, deja-vu, feelings of deepness and of curiosity, of great enthusiasm to find the best means for self-inquiry to travel inside, toward inner, integral consciousness, because you seem to have gotten the understanding through intuition that there is something far more interesting than the current exterior reality.


A simple exercise:

We can actually discover an inner world within. Is it really true you say? Inner world? How is that possible?

Sit in a comfortable position in some place comfortable so you are not distracted. Focus on being aware of your own breath, take slow, deep breaths, keep the texture and quality of breath the same, keep the same pace, inhale, exhale, 8 seconds inhale, 8 seconds exhalation.

Focus completely on the above instructions and if the mind falters (as it has the tendency to do all the time) bring it back. Once you are doing it effortlessly it means you are in the current moment, you are completely in the now.

To deepen the practice itself you should need to refine your breath and find means to refine and deepen your consciousness with it. The main point should only be the breath, if you can use it as a focal point to always bring you back on track, you'll eventually experience sensations of calmness, physical and mental relaxation and bliss and serenity. It's a good practice for stilling your mind back to point zero.


The point is that through rather simple exercises like this you can discover relaxation tools as a means for overall well-being, as well as tending yourself toward a positive, open-minded, emotional and integral consciousness and awareness. This is just an example of using the breath as a guide to work your way back to point zero, the effortless, relaxant state of being, where you have let go of the suffering the mind, the ego and the heart conjures up randomly at times to corrupt your soul and hold you down. Revolt!

The right path is always integral. Only through what we find deeper inside, may we become deeply fulfilled as a human emotional being. Emotions are always a pain, but the pain is a part of the purification process. It is there to deal with things in order for you to become more beautiful the next day you wake up. Only by going through pain may one say one is swimming upstream, and eventually become the most beautiful creature seen.

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