Sunday, December 28, 2008

The 'ole Path

Ahh, the old path.
The path that leads to those old trails.
Of mine own identity.
There are plenty.
In fact.
I'm not the one I think I am.
I'm the other person.
The one that is not actually here.
But he resides.
Deep within.
I know it.
I have acknowledged his presence.

But he was always here.
Just not.
In my current awareness.
Or never ever in my life.
Until now ofcourse.
Now that things are where it is.
As I have revealed what is beneath the theatrical carpet.
The one of illusion.
The one we often are entrapped in.
Get entangled in.
And losing our ability.
To remain present.
We think the mind is the master.
When in fact.
Nothing is.
I just reside, in this vehicle, temporarily divided.
But once realised, united.
I am, one, or two. And nothing.
But what I know, is.
That I know nothing.

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