Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Madness That Ensues Whilst Trying To Find Means Of Explaining Something.. Weird, I Think I Forgot... Ahh.. 'Floaters'

A stage in my meditation of internalising myself I began to see these, the deeper I internalised my consciousness the more I become aware of. My guess is they exist for all it's just that those who have not internalised their consciousness to a certain degree of internal perception will never notice them. So the deeper we go inside the more we can find of such things and we can go around any worry about these ridiculous things. Did you know, you only are aware of that which you are conscious off, so simply by worrying so much about this thing you can see more of it and make it worse. It's perfectly normal I assure you, it's just that through an internal consciousness you are bound to see inner things. Just like inner emotions, if you pay attention to them you become more sore and emotional. Those who don't see them most probably do not have an internalised perception.

================( o)

Let's make an example. (The above is the eye)

You see this is an eye. Even though the eye is all out there doesn't mean that we 'see' from directly the eye. If we gaze or focus on these particles we can actually use it as a tool to internalise ourselves to experience a deeper, inner world within. I can't believe you're making such a big fuzz about this, it's actually a sign of a deeper perception, you should be lucky you are internalised, it is a 'high quality' state of mind many could only dream of. It is a point of gaze and tool in introspection, nothing more. Stop worrying, we all have it, some are just less conscious off it and so will never notice it.

Our inner perception of consciousness is usually way deeper than from directly the eye. The eye is like a vortex, like a black hole, it's simply a lens, a filter. Even though we see, through the eye doesn't mean we see directly from the eye, our consciousness is usually from a deeper conscious state. The more we learn to meditate, internalise etc. we will experience an inner world that is actually the only natural state of being, it is pureness itself, because it takes us far away from the hustle and bustle of the exterior world outside ourselves. The material world.

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