Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't Expect To Find Sense In A Dark Cove Of Incoming Mind-Raping Word-Salad Bats

Don't expect to find any sense, anywhere, really. While at this place ye be bound to my rules, of either extreme silliness, of utter black, (or white?) randomness, or of mild mind-violence, or sometimes all of them in a gravy of a word-salad with special nose picked croutons in it. And you'll mayhap spend a minute of disorientation creating a severe headache and creeping aggravation, eventually blossoming into the destructive character you may not want to be known as other than in the needy dark corner in your room where you've always been plotting evil with your more vicious thoughts of little holiness. More that of devil-worshipping! And good is that.

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