Sunday, January 11, 2009

Panoramic Image

Neslip stood energised before an elevated cliff. It was a special secret spot and usually a spectacular view. The foggy, dim-lighted, dusky atmosphere gave a gloomy yet pecular panoramic view in the near-early morning rise. It naturally shook him deep within to be able to even behold such a sight. He'd never seen it like this before! It could have been a dream, it mattered not though-it was nonetheless beautiful, and the feel and atmosphere was especially dreamy today. Something new happened to him after that day, one thing of atleast a certain essential quality. He was most perceptive and wise, he continued to grow in his approach of deepness of being in life and he found great depth in the world, that almost shook his spine at times.

Greslik sat down on an elevated cliff. He was weary in his legs. People said it was this 'secret' place. He'd heard much talk of all these 'special' places where ever people lived, whether it was located in the forest or somewhere else. It was nothing special he though, scratching the back of his head, and now he wanted to go home and rest on the couch. It gave him not much of an impression, but then again nothing really did. He had long forgotten to just be in his natural residence of being, so he missed out on alot of empty, yet substantial moments such as this. He had not managed to empty his mind on his journey to view and behold the beautiful panoramic forest scenery from the elevated cliffside. His world was lacking depth of view, so he never felt the depth of the life either. He might have had intelligence, but he did not ever obtain wisdom - that of perception and positive change. He had no depth.

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