Sunday, January 11, 2009

Letter To The Disheartened

Is it impossible for a person with a long path of darkness and suffering behind him/her-to contain this eventual happiness that surprisingly ensues when at the least expected so-as if manifestations of small glimmers of hope and illumination on what seems to always be daily strife and suffering-is it possible to contain this happiness for one who has always been deep into great despair? I think not. Although we survive, we do not treat ourself in the same degree of self-righteous compassion than those who are generally very happy. The ugly truth is that if you are somehow happy you are given all the gifts of good will and well-being, but mostly nothing if you are depressing. Fear not however, for thou art brave like a knight in shining armour!

There be no higher chances of happiness and success for those who are intelligent, high-energy beings, therefore some of us are bound to miserable states, acceptance may very well be the first step to find relief from the mental agony of that which proves only to be ceaseless if not surrendering upon.

Being too awake or aware of one's surroundings can be great suffering when the others crumble like maggots in comparison, but at the same time is integrated in their less awakened state without questioning-living fine and well in that unquestioning state on little to none spiritual awareness-the more awakened spirit beings certainly do question many things in order to see for themselves what is the real truth behind this--for themselves! Remarkable and glorious they are, radiant almost shining beings, protected by a mystical angelic contour, that never lets you slip away from this life of certain attachment-a life of utmost uncertainty.. willpower goes a long way.. so does one-pointedness of mind.

There is only a great deal of pain wrapped around in stories of the heads and minds of the men and women who thought too much for their own good, they did much work for the libraries to store of them, but a racing mind is not often a happy mind. Be brave enough to live, be proud enough to be one-pointed on the task at hand.. and you may just have challenged yourself in a new way.. which will lead you to what yet is a mystery to you, I would know, my days are strings of uncertainty, but I do what I do, and that is all that matters for now, as for you, and many others out there, it is of less importance-am I right-of what other people think of you, or even think for you.

You are your own will and the hopes for redemption may very well be very close to the end of the tunnel of despair!

Great blessings!

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