Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just Another Thought

If we but refine ourselves enough to become aware of the subtler sensation, what if everything is there, always is, we just haven't a clue it's there, and whenever we become aware of what we were clueless of before, that we suddenly find to be reality, but at the same time finding out that what we already believe in to be true, is false, because our mind interprets in a limited manner?

An illusion because of limited/unrefined sensory perception, therefore sensory perception cannot feel/see?

Are our universal/infinite self our soul? Is soul beyond pure awareness? Is it beyond our grasp to learn about it's residence in ourselves?

Is the soul indeed the essence of our awareness, beyond our ability to be aware of, because we are immediately stimulated by the exterior world once we open our eyes as a newborn child?


And what about awareness. What is it? How are we able to define it's level or degree/quality? If there is integral awareness, what is then the opposite of that - external awareness? Is that detachment of self, and means of great suffering only?

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