Sunday, January 4, 2009

Comment To Someone's Recreative Habits Of The Week

"Need to regularly express myself, use to use a journal. Now here. But when I get stuck...."

Journalism is great stuff! But, like, it feels totally unnecessary when posting so much thoughts in here. I got a really nice journal with a dragon on the front and the dragon's backside on the back, it was a gift from someone I 'dated' a time back but we decided it was best to move on, didn't really work out the way we thought, so decided to just end the.. urm companionship, that what it's called? *confused* Anyway, it's the most awesomest journal I've ever had, maybe I'll be taking a picture and upping it on the site, if anyone'd like to see.

"exercise or get outside in the sun, nature"

But where IS the sun nowadays? If only I'd find the sun! Them gibberlings and kobolds say it has gone into.. slumberous duties. Nature, aight. Cold here though, but we got ourselves a huge ass forest up here with miles of path into the yet unknown depth of the forestry. Haven't seen rosemary elves yet, though, but a yeti-baboon stomping quickly past my vertigo in the distance - an albino squirrel jollily chasing the frightened yeti-baboon. Oh my he was scared to death that huge baboon. Needless to say our albino squirrels are quite bloodthirsty. You should see them some time, just remember to pick up on a bazooka and an industrial helmet. Wa-heeee....

"meditate on a scene from each season and then let it go into the next."

Sounds nice...

"repeat a prayer over and over again until racing thoughts go away"

And I can't believe Clint Eastwood had to pay two-thousand dollars to get instruction on transcendental meditation, which is just getting made your own random mantra and repeating it until your mind gets tired enough and retreats into some place in the head that people pay two-thousand dollars to go? LOL.

Reiki, ask for a blessing from my "spirit guides".

You can actually become a Reiki Grand Master without any external guidance. Hahah. It's simply thinking positive, transferring positive vibrations that oscillate out of you as an auric field and holding your hand where they have ache, headache, tension-headache etc. I wonder how Reiki works with more severe problems..

"Emotions. Getting in touch with emotions helps. Also, I like colors, anything colorful like a good movie with lots of colors in it."

Seen movie '23' with Jim Carrey? Nice scenarios, moods, lightwork. Also Bloodrayne has nice scenarios, sorta based on the video-game, but it's kinda nice nature and adventuring feel in it. Not such a bad movie as people may say if you like colors and backpacking adventuring.

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