Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Usual Profile Inlay

I am myself.


Known to dabble in an unseen amount of things. Interested in almost anything, really. Like the others, (as to not seem like such a primitive human being), I also like finer food and wine.

My dream is to know a little about most things, even the mystical things, and ofcourse secret knowledge. I already know a whole lot about a thousand useless things which I never learned in school as far as I recall. But that's still just a tiny fragment of things-that I decided to put up here.

Things like ideology, theology, theosophy, mysticism, metaphysics interests me in general, I intend to learn more toward those kind of subjects and studies, but mostly I can't remember everything that I want to learn because it's more than I can come up with in my mind as of now.

"In the woods, if alone, you have to survive on your own using your instincts. In the city, if alone, you get around using your wits and communication skills. Learning persuasion can also come in handy, especially if you want to become a good haggler - I think people generally underestimate the value of good haggling, its a shame they don't accept this sort of bargaining in the general stores. It's surprisingly social and psychodramatic. And why not make use of gemstones as well--for the day when paper-money for some reason becomes worthless shall certainly come--because of some unknown catastrophe that makes it useless." -- Swami Espen.

"There is more to the world than what meets the eye, only a few of us realise that we are almost completely blind in delusion. Someone likes to hide us in a carpet of ignorance, why we do it to ourselves all the time--by letting ignorance slip into our naive little brain as fodder to our own eventual demise." -- Swami Espen.

"My 'philosophy on life' or ideology is believing in myself to some extent, as a potentially potent individual, however, I am not solely mine own redeemer, for the people that I meet in life has and always will affect me in some way or the other. So I believe my path is almost as unpredictable as the ramblings of a madman." "I am neither enlightened nor un-enlightened, I might be some place in-between, but I let others decide what I am, by letting them reveal to me their perceived reality of my fragmented identity." -- Swami Espen.

"Ego -is- two things. Visible, or non-visible. Neither is any better, some just conceal their true nature and agenda. Transparent ego is, however, enlightened living." -- Swami Espen.

"Cold here though, but we got ourselves a huge ass forest up here with miles of path into the yet unknown depth of the forestry. Haven't seen rosemary elves yet, though, but a yeti-baboon stomping quickly past my vertigo in the distance - an albino squirrel jollily chasing the frightened yeti-baboon. Oh my he was scared to death that huge baboon. Needless to say our albino squirrels are quite bloodthirsty. You should see them some time, just remember to pick up on a bazooka and an industrial helmet. Wa-heeee...." -- Swami Espen.

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