Sunday, January 4, 2009

How To Release Massive Energy

By the way this isn't fictional or untrue, it just happens that noone seem to know what this is, this technique of releasing massive electromagnetic energy, therefore I have not found any professionals' answers on this, because noone actually knows, other than me ofcourse, who have been experiencing with the technique and maybe some other people, but otherwise the technique is shown in Japanese martial-arts animes and the sort. In Bleach the animé for ex. releasing reiatsu (spiritual energy), and afterwards becomes depleted, so my assumption is it is inspired originally from reality or they wouldn't find inspiration to make those techniques in martial-arts animé shows.

I heard some rumours on a forum where we discussed this sort of thing and I've come to think it has something to do either with blood type, bloodline, or survival instinct (strong instincts), or something about metabolism (anabolism, catabolism related?) can't know for sure. All I know is that it is obviously a very rare gift that few (if any) have had any experience/knowledge of. Guessing it can be used for either creation (positive) or destruction (negative). I could maybe think that it is Kundalini-awakening, but it is based on certain triggering 'commanding' rather than just pure spontaneity. If it is indeed Kundalini-awakening, it is a 'trigger-controlled' Kundalini-awakening, which I've personally never read about before.

I remember when I was a little child. I was very active, outgoing, and I remember some times when I did something that I now later have seen Tibetan Buddhist-monks do in one of their 'secret' techniques. I jumped from a picnic table and down into a sandbox - landing in a sitting posture, much like lotus position - posture was taken in mid-air and then landing heavily in a static and stilled way. I didn't get hurt either, and I dunno why I did it, but for some reason I did it several times for some days, and then I can't remember doing it any more. It is to my surprise now that this can actually trigger Kundalini-awakening (the coiled serpent from the base of the spine). Mayhap it was the case. All I know is that I experience the symptoms of those who have awakened their Kundalini energy. And I am getting it's symptoms everytime I do this technique. I wonder if the supreme oscillating electromagnetic energy that surfaces is depleted, or burned up in the process.. can't say for sure as of yet. All I know is that it is better than any orgasm, any orgasmic feeling, it is far beyond, different.. like a very temporary cosmic/meditative orgasm. Through my processes of meditating, doing yoga, generally increasing prana or this universal life energy they call it I find that my 'releasing' technique only gets stronger and more intense.. it is now quite massive, but I fear to use it because I don't know for sure if it depletes me of my prana/universal life energy, as if tapping the source for temporary omni-potency. *grins*

Oh well. This'll be all.

So if you happen to know about this etcetera. Maybe you can do this sort of thing, if so, contact me and we can find out about this stuff. Meta-physicist stuff is a very interesting scientific subject.

Beyond that.. I don't want to give out too much information.. because I don't want to give it out to just anyone.. so.. whatever.

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