Sunday, January 11, 2009

Breath/Life, Its Impact, And The Arise Of Spiritual Awakening

Breath is life. Oxygen is the only factor that plays a key role in our ability to sustain our own body. A good breath is a breath that has quality. Ultimately this makes a good quality of life. Breath is evaluated in its ability to journey freely into the the lungs and belly. With too little oxygen to the lower abdomen, constipation can arise. It is a result of shallow breathing, in turn accelerating both anxiety and stress. This can also create disease of the body. In general, breathing shallow or not breathing properly will soon mirror a less functional and vital body. As we are all aware of, radiance and vitality can not be obtained without the knowing of breath and its undeniable impact on each and every one of us. Other than basic knowledge of its impact on us, experiencing through practice is to be the main focal point, as it is far more fruitful to base oneself on healthiness in person, and not theorising of its profound effects. That would make no sense. Spirituality arises first and foremost from the point on where you regulate and correct your own breath, and your potentially dangerous breathing habits. That is awakening of self-enquiry. Much like the Alexander technique brings greater awareness to bad postural habits while sitting in front of a computer or simply a malevolent habitual walk.

Ride on the wings of the calm and easy state of mind and being, don't fall before yourself, don't cease to take responsibility of control of yourself!

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