Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Common Sense

Before starting yoga I was as stiff as a mountain. I barely reached my kneecaps when stretching out after a walk and some warm-up exercises. After two-three weeks of hard work I could already reach my toes. I wouldn't worry about not being able to reach a certain level or goal. It's hard to understand when you are far away, as if unreachable, but just do your current best and have a realistic goal. Practice every day. Have fun while doing it, and you will soon look back at your previous self, and wonder why you thought everything were so difficult. Because it's those little determined goals that will guide you through the hardships, and strengthen your resolve to go on. You can never reflect enough upon your yoga-practice, and perfect your techniques. Soon you will know your body and anatomy with greater understanding, as well as your mental temple.

Although you can try to progress quicker you will have to endure the painful stretchouts - a simple matter of intensification and an increase of pain. Know thine body, or learn it.

Don't be under the impression that I am versed in yoga, because I'm not. I'm just under that certain impression of thinking mentioned above, and it has guided me from a to b, with great positive effects in terms of improvement, mentally as physically.

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