Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Introverted Man (Poem)

the man of the deep forest path
always stopping up
carefully thinking through
always reflecting
here and there
sometimes backwards
sometimes straight forward
always thinking
..of the next move
..of a possible way
mostly silent in contemplation
rarely verbal
respecting the ways and unways
carrying the shifting eyes to facial contour
like a representable chart of many colors, tones, and undertones
always smiling
fake or not
but a smile is all there is to it
and everything will be alright
every experience
has a positive drift about
the everlasting thoughts
popping up
colorised by the soul
taking external form
smiling always
energy formed positive
sometimes shallow
sometimes deep
always servitude

introverted man of the deep forest path
a most definite characteristic
undertaking the adventure
of insight, knowledge, and seemingly useless reflection
seemingly to no end, as no avail
but in the end
he controlled the strings
and the smile he was dressed
hid him well

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