Wednesday, December 12, 2007

'Breaking Your Neck-Asana'

'Breaking Your Neck-asana', is a discovery. It is a new type of yoga. The extreme-sport of anti-yoga, a new term of practice and lifestyle. Everything, pieces to pieces, created to oppose traditional yoga. It's a table turned upside down, and let me tell you, it is probably the best way to praise your self-destructivity, and honor it with misery and hopelessness. Why not make this a lifestyle? One with style. Self-declared anti-yoga guru Espen Swynasamana made a new standard to anti-lifestyle. He began studying traditional yoga-paths and styles, and began to feel the need to extend his own horizon and begin something fresh, as more challenging. The 'Breaking Your Neck-asana' was created by going through every yoga-posture and doing it as wrongly as possibly possible. Espen Swynasamana says that 'Breaking your neck-asana' is a discovery. It is the first anti-yoga to be made, focusing the channeling of pain and aches of limbs and bone through 'correct' movement and posture, and striving for anatomic defection. Ofcourse, breathing is not allowed. Not until you feel exhausted enough to simply give up, and lie down. The posture for giving up, or resting, is called, 'Lie Down and Die-salutation'. In this posture you are allowed to breathe, but only if you are choking, otherwise carry on with the insufferably, intolerably aches of the sequence. If you make it to sequence b of the primary series, you should be lucky you are alive, and you will be ever grateful you are done for the day of anti-yoga. Afterwards you will not feel a good sensation, but afterwards you will mysteriously shape a feeling of gratitude because you seemed to have survived. This is the secret of 'Breaking Your Neck-asana'.

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