Sunday, July 20, 2008


Because oxygen is so very vital to mind and body I began utilising a breathing exercise some mornings using, 'victorious breath' so as not to become as overly dizzy with all the air passings as if I were to be breathing regular with the sniffle sound. I have found some pleasant advantages in doing this exercise, that (by the way) was evoked by moral urgings of shaping a certain potential of (especially) the mornings, as they have been me unpleasant. Just really trying to neglect morning tide with the bad stomach feeling and worse. I learned three things about oxygen.

1. The eyes become more transparent. So the more glossy they are the more fed with air. (The eyes sure are a mystery!)

2. It greatly cures headache and mental plagues.

3. The bodily and mental processes are less strangled, many processes can function better and a human being can be expected to simply do more of things. Oxygen= Energy. The more air, the more fuel.

Also in higher degrees of breathing intake one may feel somewhat misted in a pleasant aura of air. Like an aura of refreshment.

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