Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mind Focus

Lately I have been writing a lot more in my diary. I have been trying to grasp the methodical art form of withholding one thought and maintaining it long enough in my mental temple to write it down throughly, the way my mind expresses it so lovely, to assure quality of text. Otherwise I would just ramble bits, some more interesting than others, but eventually cross over by a train of thoughts, so my text will eventually fall out of its meaningful context. Not only does it spare my mind of eventually exploding of mental overload, it also keeps me more calm and relaxed and focused, generally making me feel better, which again, gives me opportunity to write more realistic, interesting, and mentally intriguing, because a one-thought 100% focus becomes a very genuine truth, in a way.

Summing this up I feel certain that the source of one's confidence would be greatly appreciated by anyone who would find it, because it makes up for a more interesting life. So one should weight one's own purpose in life. Why would anyone's purpose be to grind painfully through life when there is beauty and knowledge and joy hidden deep within one's will. It only requires a bit of self-encouragement.

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