Monday, November 5, 2007

Hundred Stories

It all started when the monk, Haki left the gates to stroll into the wilderness, as he always did. He always carried his shakuhachi-flute with him, and he always sat down in the heart of the forest, near a giant tree, where he with great skill began his storytelling. Sometimes he played the myths of ancient creatures, sometimes endeavoring sagas of past wars and great warriors, sometimes he wept through his flute the loss of his young son, who was killed in the rural area of Shanghai many years ago. It was when he played this mellow story that a little boy hiding, witnessed the wealthy monk sitting on a shrubby root beneath the great tree. The monk, as perceptive as he was - had already noticed the boy - actually, he had noticed his presence for over a month, so he automatically assumed the boy was a stray orphan. But he continued playing as if he knew nothing. Eventually the dirtily ragged boy in curiosity strafed his head up, from behind a bush, to get a closer view. Still, the monk continued to play, as if none was there. After some time he suddenly stopped playing, and said; "Do not be afraid child. You have been in the woods for quite some time. I have seen you many times before in the woods, but I would not scare you away.. Come closer! Let's have a look at you." The boy hesitated. But eventually walked over to the monk. "..My name is Haki, a monk of the forbidden gates of Shanghai. Tell me boy.. do you like my flute?" The boy nodded slightly, becoming less cautious. He suddenly looked at Haki with awe and wonder. "My name.. is.. Kuroru.." Suddenly becoming shy, tilting his head down on the forested ground of autumn leaves covering the dirt. "Boy! Come with me to the gates! ..I will take care of you. I will teach you how to play the shakuhachi, and we can play together in the forest." Kuroru began to cry in happiness, trying to hold back his tears, he nodded many times. And so Kuroru traveled alongside the monk Haki, to the forbidden gates of Shanghai.

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