Thursday, November 8, 2007

Manipulating One

So we had an ok time together, but not sufficient to satisfy her ignorant and judging nature. Even though I left aside my expectations, she had the most grandiose expectations of the first encounter to be as perfected as the blade of a samurai-sword. Her ignorance beyond reason, because she expected so pervertedly much the first meeting, hereby assuming the outcome of my persona and conclude it an end for both, when our fundament of quality-time has based itself on an extremely satisfactory year of ups and downs and day-long chats, dandling each other like soul-mates of forever. Because I behaved improperly from her mental picture of me she became disappointed and bitter, and now it seems she has become a manipulating haggish troll. So she will use me only in times when she can promote herself above me with haughty egoism. Seems to me her problem is clashing with the reality that is not within her imaginative nature, and it is taking its toll, but all she ever cares about now is her egocentric boost from incentive attempts to patronize me with sarcasm and cynicism, which stung me in the beginning, but her failure to reflect and act compassionately because of certain short-sightedness that proved her promising only over distance-relations has made me realize her real nature. I can only hope she will be taught a real-life lesson so that she may cling to the hope that one day she can beg for my shadow of wisdom. I can only hope she will taste the shame of her own ego. That shall certainly make her as humble as a servant of mine would, if I ever had one.

I mean.. I can understand the tension and passion between two different people, be it long-distance or real-life relations. We all perceive things differently dependent on our persona and current state of the mind. Bah! It matters not.. Sometimes one of two has failed to see the significance of understanding by ignoring time, but if one respect a special someone, one had better respect the certain amount time it takes to see the flower blossom and ripen.. If not, so be it! But it would seem self-explanatory that one have hurt oneself and this 'special' someone - in terms of prejudgment, that in my opinion is injustice to one whom you have shared your valued time with in pastimes of good and bad with so many colors and settings of moods. The saddest part of this grim ending is the bitter aftertaste caused by the presumptuously judgmental one. In other words, someones narrow perspective can be frustratingly difficult to repair if ever worth the hassle. Might as well focus mental power on a brick-wall for more stimulating confrontations.

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