Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Death, Dream, Everything Is Consumed, Empty Lands, Weakness.

death instead of life
dream instead of reality
no answers to be found
in limbo
only insanity


i want to give up
some things i do give up
but it seems it is not enough
everything is consumed
and digested
everything is consumed
in the vacuum
there are no fairies here
only emptiness
feels like a point of no return
and i might as well idle
waiting for nothing to happen
because that is all there is in the now
empty lands
it is so defined now
i am alone here
even in crowded places
alone in this dimension
and it feels like
i have to stay here
for no less
an eternity


i try to define
what is strength
after some thought
i find that
is the greatest one
my own weakness
expose me
and i die quickly
like that of a mirror
i shatter
it is painful
to be stung by my own pieces

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