Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Round Of Sleeplessness, Healing Past Trauma, Meaninglessness, Deep Shadow-Dusk, Blind In Explorations.

another round of sleepless night,
work is something i enjoy, but as long as i'm not getting enough rest,
this insomnia-tendency is breaking down my willpower and tearing on my endurance,
i reckon i've had worse, but i don't recall those experiences very pleasant,

healing the past trauma,
the autonomous shock of 'something',
greater than myself,
it evolves into a secret to mankind, one that is with me through thick and thin,
and i do continue the incessant bravery,
always, i have to test the limits, even if i don't 'really' want to,

coincidences make an opening,
for meaninglessness,
the testing of my mental resilience,
i don't see any meaning to that,

will it again give me great faith and confidence,
to struggle with anguish,
and metaphysical meandering,
without a lantern, in deep shadow-dusk,
i am blind in my explorations,

as if the only, or at least one way to newfound redemption,
is paving through the hardest seeming 'obstructions' in my human psyche,

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