Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dream Diary Randomry.

Tonight I dreamt that I met someone with K that was with another woman (Psychiatric Nurse?) and they were down by the sea I think. And then I asked to join them and I did. I did it because I think the woman who was being tended to had K. We went for a walk, us two with K and the Nurse and a Guy. Suddenly when we went to a house the girl with K started screaming and I could see/feel her pain because I am sensitive that way. Then I began to share a bond with the girl with the K and I tried later, when the Nurse was not present around us and the Guy also wasn't, to tell her about the spiritual meaning of K, not the religious, because for me (in the dream), it was important to tell someone going through it that it's not insanity, quite the opposite. I helped her very much it seemed, and it seemed I did exactly what I was supposed to kinda feeling (in the dream), and then suddenly we were sitting in a car all four with two floors.
The Girl with the K was downstairs in first floor (i think), and the Nurse and the Guy and me were in second floor. The Nurse was crying because of some strange reason. It almost seemed like she was jealous that I helped the girl with K more than she could, because she didn't understand why she was behaving the way she was, originally, since K is a mysterious thing to people who don't have it themselves. It might be impossible to understand. The Nurse seemed jealous at me just because I had formed a bond with the K girl.

In a sense she was just like me, just more experienced (i think), which made me very interested in her. Yet there was one thing I could help her with, and there was probably a lot she could teach me also.

Suddenly I am walking down the stairs to a terrace. I see someone who is supposedly my son, crying on a chair.
It is night and almost pitch black -- hadn't it been for the few candle-lights in the terrace.
Then another guy who looks to be my son's friend say; "Don't cry about it..", and then coming up to the terrace from our lawn.
Then suddenly I see a girl from another angle behind a left terrace wall, and I see she has crutches.
She didn't seem handicapped, just something that happened to her in school or something so that she had to wear them for a while.
She is very drunk and is lying on the grass lawn and I help her up, then support her to a terrace-chair.
It feels like I am helping my son, who is crying about the crutched woman because of some reason, maybe he is in love with her and they argued etc.

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