Thursday, October 29, 2009

The 'Do's And Don'ts' Of Edible, And Otherwise Consumable Things

When the nervous system is aroused it is already too easy to get stressed out by a variety of things going on either inside or outside of us, because of the neuroemotional association and reactions to fears and dreads, so then it would be obvious that there is no need for any stimulants like coffee, tea, coke (sodas), lemonades or other soft drinks containing arguably unreasonable amounts of sugar. The ideal would be a calm and steady mind. Considerable difficulty can arise from things such as alot of coffee and sugar intake. Generally things that are calming and soothing on the body, ('Vata' in Ayurveda). Raw vegetables, boiled vegatables, not ice cold water, warm soups, but not too sweet or spicy. Try to avoid much salt, sugar, pepper, and other types of seasonings, as these things tend to affect the body-mind. Regarding medications I would say that one should avoid it, but have a certain balance, because it is not very rational or grounding to fly above the ground for excess periods of time, as they can seem disturbing to other people, one has to stay within the humano-social range or atleast on the edge. If you were an astronaut on a planet without gravity the normal thing to do would be to not go off the planet, because of the fear and confusion in open space, not being able to know whether you'll ever land on solid ground again, that could cause alot of anxieties. The social bit is very important at times, when you are able to express out your insights and lessons.

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