Thursday, September 24, 2009

On The Bus I Saw A Reflection Of Two Beady, Curious Eyes

Today after work (I work as a part time carpenter) I was really tired and I was literally full of muck and all sorts of dirt and I was sitting quietly in contempt on the bus trying to concentrate on not getting stressed out. I glanced in the bus window a woman staring at me with curious beady eyes from the shady window reflection, when I saw her eyes she immediately withdrew her curiosity from me. I went off the bus and stopped for a second on the pavement. Before me I saw a beautiful woman walking past me, the same that was looking at me in the shady window reflection, and I got a feeling of limerance to the life that I used to live, when my consciousness was steady and I was ignorant to the wisdom of the world. Even after a while she had stopped further down the road pavement near some forest crossroad and it felt like she was waiting just to see me cross her, she was talking to some kids and it felt as if she was indeed waiting for something, or someone. I felt a bit spaced out (as I often do), and so, I just walked past without giving the least bit of attention to her. There was something to her eyes in the window reflection that gave me a feeling of love and compassion, so I felt soft and like a cushion for the rest of my walk home. She was not a cutey or anything.. she was a real woman, and she was really gorgeous.

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