Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vision, Dream, A Purpose Perchance?

I came to a realisation today.. There are so many people suffering from mystical to 'mental disorders' who are by, psychopathic psychiatric nurses, sent to psychiatric wards and institutions. I have come to this realisation that since apparently there are few to none with knowledge on this subject regarding kundalini and mystical experiences, other than in certain countries in the eastern continent, that I have come to the conclusion that I must share my knowledge on the subject to the needy. I want to create a center for these things, to encourage people to come and share their experiences. I feel a shame of living in a non-spiritual country that diagnose misunderstood people like germans mistreat underaged prostitutes in Thailand. My dream is to become a master of my own journey, of the realms of the psychenaut, of the various dimensions of the expanded reality. To come at the jourey's end, fully enlightened at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel of anguish and despair. My sole purpose for slipping into this path of spirituality has been to enter these realms that I travel into, in order to illuminate the darkness and dispell it. Since I am alone in this spiritual mystery I must find the way to enlightenment on my own. Probably a most dangerious and ardious path, but I'm a warrior that has never been afraid of getting some scars on the path, I might have to endure alot of suffering as well, I reckon, since I've already done so alot these pasttimes.

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