Sunday, October 9, 2011

Unholiness Of Spirit, Malignantly Adapted Awakening Process, Anchor Oneself, Kierkegaard.

life is meaningless in itself,
if we identify with the unholiness of our spirit,
we identify more or less with the welfare of our spirituality,
if the not so holy energy allows us to go beyond the normality of our daily triviality,
we become unnormal to a restricted perspective that most people then have,
in comparison to our newfound bliss,
hadn't it been such a bliss-value, it would not have been a wholly beneficial process,
rather a chance it be a degenerative one,
therefore it is safe to assume that man will go to great depths of profoundness,
into the creaks and corners of the mind that may not be pleasant at all,
all for the greater good,
motivation is always the awesome healing potential,
a degenerative process is not necessarily,
a malignantly adapted awakening process,
true freedom is without boundaries,
but without any boundary, there is infinitely difficult to anchor oneself,
suffice, there has to be a balance between space and earth communication,
the biggest dilemma would be to gain certainty in a too vast space,
kierkegaard tried to understand this, the degree of uncertainty,
is relevant to the qualia of anxiety,

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