Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kundalini Arousal

Kundalini energy arousal and altered/highened states of reality and 'trance'-states/transcendent reality. It has now become a fact that what I am going through - as many others claim to be the going through, is the 'god'/'shiva-shakti' union of trans-spiritual growth - the energy of higher consciousness evolve and transformation. Perhaps it is true that some of us who experience these 'phenomena' are given psychiatric diagnosises like bipolar and schizophrenia. I believe that from the pragmatic view of psychiatricians is insufficient in helping those experiencing spiritual 'phenomena'. Unfortunately there is a severe lack of acceptance and knowledge in these fields in western society, although I believe as more of these cases surface around in the western world there will be a higher awareness from the pragmatic side. Since many of those who do experience kundalini-related energy or higher/altered states of awareness/reality do not know what is going on, I am certain they will have some portion of mental confusion, anxiety and panic that naturally surfaces with different states of perception. Depersonalisation and a psychosis-like states, (but only resembles psychosis), can also come with this mentally challenging energy, because the nervous system goes haywire and the usual safer patterns of the brain is dissolved along with the ego/super-ego because it transcends, and one feels as if one is becoming more and more the observer from the inside and out, as if peering 'through the looking glass' with both fear and wonder.

This is only from my own experience with the help of some reading in order to try to accept what is going on, so that it is not to be associated with something that is negative, but certainly the fear of going mad, the existential anxiety and panic and the underlying fear and alertness can be quite a scary ongoing anticipation, because one must be purified of that which one may cling onto, but in the end, purification will happen, whether one resists or not. Medications can temporarily ground the energy, and it can be very wise with some grounding when the energy becomes reckless and you slip into an emergence state. They need not be very strong medications since on the spiritual heights one become naturally hypersensitive and sensory perception is far beyond ordinary levels. That is why suffering in these states feel like nightmare and hell, but it is actually only the sensations that become heighened, and thus one may be percieved to be a hypochondriac by others, because the sensations are greatly amplified, both with postive emotions and negative emotions, and one can even be led to suicidal thoughts and homicidal urges when all in all, a less refined body would not take the pain in a near similar way because it is not as pure and vulnerable as an extremely vibrant energy body, destructive habits can ultimately lead to untold suffering beyond comprehension.

This is only speaking from my own experience over about 6 months now (that is when the energy activity became high), and the result was panic anxiety and a struggle to remain rational even when every thought that came up into my mind became irrational because the anxiety has a tendency to make everything happening irrational.

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Balanse said...

I empathize with your process. I had a self induced kundalini experience about a year ago, and the energy rush of it was crazy and mind blowing. Even though I was in complete control of my breath (doing Ananda Mandala) and totally aware and in the present at the same time.

I also agree with you that western medicine and psychology cannot cope with spiritual awakening, or ascension symptoms if you like. I am in constant search of a holistic doctor, but I´ve eventually come to the point that I am my own best healer.

Hope you get the help you need to manage the kundalini opening.
Blessed be!